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How much is a session??

If you are looking for a body-positive, empowering, luxury experience, you've come to the right place! The fee to book your session is $400 and this gets you a two-hour session, makeup services, access to our client closet with up to three outfit changes, session styling advice, expert posing guidance, and professional retouching of all final images.  Products may be purchased separately and start at $1500.  There is no obligation to purchase any of our products however.  We accept cash, charge and flexible payment plans through PayPal Credit.

Where are you located and when do you shoot??

My studio is located in Wildwood Missouri, and this is where most of my sessions take place; however, I can also come to a location of your choice (a travel fee may apply depending on location).  Sessions are typically scheduled for Saturday mornings having you arrive at my studio at 10 AM and leaving around 3-4 PM once all is said and done.

Can you take me through a typical shoot-day timeline??

So as mentioned above, sessions are typically scheduled for Saturday mornings.  You will plan to arrive at my studio at 10am on the day of your shoot.  We will jump right into hair and makeup, then try out outfits, choose your favorites and get to work!!  Typically, we finish shooting by 1 PM, and then I'll send you out to lunch or coffee for about 90 minutes while I download, retouch and get your photos ready for you to view.  When you come back from lunch, that's when we have your Viewing Session, and you get to see all of your beautiful images for the first time!!

*These details can be discussed further or adjusted depending on scheduling, this is just a basic outline*

Did you say I get to see my photos that same day??

That's right!! Viewing Sessions take place the DAY OF your session.  After you get back from lunch, we will view your images and go over all of the purchase options and products and pick your images for me to finalize.  There is never any obligation to purchase your photos...but I will say that all of our clients do fall in love with their images at their Viewing Session.  If you would like to purchase any products or collections at that time, you will have the opportunity to do so.  As mentioned above, we also offer super flexible payment plans though PayPal Credit.

Do I have to get naked??

Absolutely NOT.  Boudoir is about what makes you feel confident, empowered, and sexy.  YOUR SESSION IS ABOUT YOU and we can stay as covered or get as steamy as you want and feel comfortable with.  I will NEVER pressure anyone into an outfit (or lack of) or pose they are not okay with.

Do you share my photos??

Only if you want me to!  Any and all images from your session are kept private, and any images or products you purchase are shared with you and you only.  Digital galleries are private and only you have access to them.  However, if you do want me to share your images with future clients I would absolutely love to do so!  During your Viewing Session, after we view your images, you will have the option to sign a release form letting me share your beautiful images.  You certainly do not have to, and I will never pressure anyone to do so!

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